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In-Home Measurements

Few flooring dealers still offer FREE ESTIMATES, but we believe they are THAT IMPORTANT! There is NO OBLIGATION! Estimates are imperative to start the journey of a new project/flooring. Estimates put a "total with tax" on what your project cost. Customers sometimes don't know how many yd/sq ft that need to be installed. Just talking about pricing=products doesn't give all the answers a customer needs to make a decision on flooring. Customers usually have a budget or an idea of what they may want to spend, yet sometimes they even have no idea what a project will cost. By picking a product and getting an in-home estimate, the customer will see a real number put on their project. After getting an estimate, we will also know their needs and wants, so we can begin working towards getting what they want (within their budget). An estimator puts "eyes" on the project, so together with the sales team they see the customer's needs. It's also a perfect time to ask/show the estimator any questions or concerns on a project. You can see if what you are wanting will work, or what would be needed to make it work. We want your dream to be a flooring reality for you and your family!!

Estimates do not take long — estimators are usually in and out of your home within about 15 minutes, depending on your project. Please contact us for assistance. From the time the customers comes into the store and picks out products, we try to have the estimate done with in a couple of days, if not the next day. The estimator brings the information back to the store, the sales person puts together the estimate and contacts the customer. Usually the customer has an estimate within 24 hours...if not that same day!


Our installers are fabulous. They have years of experience. Some have worked for us for over 15 years. Installation is an extension of us as a family business. Since 1994 we have sold and installed flooring products. Installation is very important to us....your satisfaction is very important to us, both components work together.

We are very proud that we have been serving NWAR for over 22 years. We achieved this though characteristics of a Local Family Business: Honesty, Hardwork, Great Products, Low Prices, and an Unbelievable Installation Team that is answers to a family business...as they represent us. To schedule installation services, please contact us. We follow the job until completion on every aspect. Along with the products, installation is warrantied through the store.

Installation times vary. Each situation is different. If a customer picks stock...sometimes we can install that very week! If a customer orders, we get trucks twice a week. Depending on the customer's needs and installation, installation can usually be complete with two weeks if not sooner! Have an emergency? Let us know.....we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs!!

Customer Feedback:
A job well done is so rewarding! Hearing our customers thank us for helping them — from the design selection to installation — makes us so happy, and lets us know we are doing all we can in our community to make sometimes an overwhelming process turn into the customer's dream! It is a great testimony when customers take the time to call the store to let us know how much they love their new floors/projects and how well the installer did! We are so thankful for our customers and appreciate the feedback. Now that's Southern Hospitality at it's finest!


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